​​Donate Leave

Purpose: The Donate Leave form allows state employees to donate their sick leave hours to another eligible state employee's sick leave balance, in addition to being able to donate vacation hours through the same process.

All state employees will need to use the “Donate Leave" view in order to donate hours.  This includes IPOPS Originators, Approvers etc. When an IPOPS Originator does not open the form from the Donate Leave View, the form is missing fields required to process a leave donation, such as the number of sick or vacation hours to donate. When this happens the form will not be processed.

Note: If you would like to request donated leave, contact your agency Payroll Department or Human Resources for assistance.


Where is the form located?

1. Sign in to the State Controller's website

2. At the SCO Applications Menu select Employee Self Service, below Employee Applications

3. From Self-Service Action select Donate Leave

Note:  Once Donate Leave is selected a Donate Sick Leave view of all employees requesting leave donations will be displayed. 

Example of Donate Sick Leave view:

4. Click or select any form to begin donating leave

Note:  If you would like to donate to a specific employee you will need their specific Request ID number.


Filing out the Form

Request Identification Number – Unique eight-digit identification number assigned to employees that have submitted a request for leave.

Maximum Number of Hours that can be Donated – Request number of hours that can be donated to the employee.

Effective for Pay Date - Either the current pay date or the next pay date that the requesting employee has selected leave be applied.


Donating Employee Info

Total Hours – Total number of hours the donating employee has available to donate.

Note When donating leave certain criteria must be met and is disclosed in the Donating Authority Agreement. See below for additional information or contact your agency Payroll Department or Human Resources for questions on the Donating Authority Agreement.


Available On File

Vacation – Vacation hours available for donation.

Sick – Sick hours available for donation.

Donated Hours

In the blank field enter the number of hours you would like to donate. Select the radial button and choose the type of leave you would like to donate, either Vacation or Sick. Leave can be donated up to a tenth of an hour. If no selection is made the following message will be received: “Donated hours must have a selected type of Vacation or Sick.” Leave can be donated up to a tenth of an hour.

Example: 4.5 hours

  • Minimum of four (4) hours
  • Maximum of eighty (80) hours

At least four (4) hours must be donated and no more than eighty (80) hours can be donated in one pay period. Employees donating leave cannot donate more than one eighty (80) hours in a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

If the minimum and maximum number of hours that can be donated are not entered or exceeded, the below messages will be received:

Less than four (4) hours are entered

  • Message: Donated vacation or sick leave hours must be 4 or more hours.
  • Resolution: Donated hours must be greater than or equal to four hours.

    More than eighty (80) hours are entered
  • Message: Donated vacation or sick leave hours must be less than or equal to 80 hours.
  • Resolution: Donated hours must be less than or equal to eighty (80) hours.

If donated hours are more than the number of hours requested the following message will be received: “Donated vacation or sick leave hours must be less than or equal to the requested XX.X hours."


Donating Authority Agreement

Acknowledgement that you agree, and certify that you are eligible to donate leave and meet the requirements within.  If you are unsure you meet the listed criteria, contact your agency Payroll Department or Human Resources.  


Form Example:



  • Document Status – Reflects the state of the forms progress.
  • Originator – Displays the employee's name and Three-digit agency code.
  • Current Approver – Field will be blank.
  • Last Routed – The date and time the form was originally created. This field may be blank.
  • Time Stamp – The date and time the form was created.
  • Audit Trail – Displays the employee's name, three-digit agency code and status of the form.

Submitting the form

Once you have completed the form, select one of the following buttons located at the top the form.

  • Submit
    • Routes the Donate Sick Leave form to the Donating Agency Authorizer.
    • When submit is selected the following message will be received:
      • “Document has been sent to Donating Agency Authorizer". 
  • Cancel
    • If selected the following message will be received:
      • "You have chosen to exit without saving your changes. If you wish to do this press OK."  The form will close and you will be redirected to Self-Service Action center.
  • Help
    • Opens the DSP (Division of Statewide Payroll) user guide.
  • Print
    • Opens the form in a printable version.

Note Termed employees are unable to donate leave and will not have 'Donate Leave' as an option in Self Service.​
Note As of March 1, 2022 Health Districts are no longer state agencies and therefore can only donate and receive internally (only within the Health Districts and no other agencies). If a Health District Employee tries to donate to another agency they will receive the following error message: Ineligible Donation. The request is not part of a Health District.