There are several reports available through the I-Time application. Most reports can only be viewed for the current pay period. An employee's role in the agency determines which I-Time reporting options are available.

Note: View/Print Time Sheets report can be created for previous pay periods, along with the current pay period.


View, Print Your Time Sheet

Employee Reporting

          Active Employee List

          Active Employee Indicator List

          Time Entry Location List

Time Reporting

         Employees with Shift, Overtime or RHH Overrides

         Selective Time Codes

         Time Sheets with Invalid Positions

         Total Time

         Uncompleted, Not processed time sheets

         Employees Marked for No Time

         Employee Leave, Overtime Requests

         View, Print Time Sheets


To pull a report, a user must first select:

Report Type: This will list all available reports for a user

Sorting Option: A user can sort By Employee Name, By Pay Location or By TEL Name. 

Time Entry Location: A user may select ALL or an individual Time Entry Location (TEL).  More than one TEL may be selected by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the TEL names.

Display SSN Option: (if applicable) Central Payroll Officer (CPO's) will have this option, CPO's must select yes or no.  This option will default to No.


Once a report is generated, there are several options for sorting, filtering, printing, grouping, and exporting to Excel.

Sorting: Columns may be sorted by alphabetical and numerical order by clicking on the column heading.  Columns that are sorted will appear in gray and will have the options to Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. The columns can also be re-sized to display complete information by dragging the column heading line side to side.  Columns can be reordered by dragging and dropping the column headings.

When a sorting option is selected, the Employee Name field will automatically be sorted alphabetically.

Note: If a new sort is applied when there is an existing sort, the original sort will be removed. 

Filtering: To filter data on a column, select the drop down arrow that will appear when the user places the mouse over the column heading. The data in this column can then be sorted or filtered. Columns that are filtered will appear in gray with a funnel icon next to the column heading.

Creating a filter:                                                


  Column that has a filter:



Grouping:  To group data, drag and drop the column(s) to the grey area above the column headings or click the arrow on the column heading.

Grouped data can be split into subcategories that can be expanded by selecting ExpandAll / CollapseALL or by clicking the arrow to the left of the grouped item. To remove a group click the 'X' next to the column heading that should be removed.  

Creating a group:



Printing:  To print the report, select the Printable Version link. This will open a separate window with a Print button to the right.

Exporting to Excel: T
o export the report to Excel, select the 'Export to Excel' link. The user will then have the option to either open the report in Excel, save the file or cancel.

Note: The Total Time and Selective Time Codes reports do not have this option.