Security Administrator-Password Reset Procedures

1.  Security Administrator (SA) Logs into Security Portal

2.  Go to new link – Password Reset-Security Administrator (Only those in the SA Group will see the link)


3.  SA Enters Employee Information (Admin name, and agency pre fill)

Choose the request type, Web applicatons or Mainframe.  If Mainframe,

must enter which one CESN or DSYS or both and must provide the User's ID.

SA is required to read the certification and check the box for acknowledgement.

Request will not let you submit if certification is not acknowledged

4.  Once you hit submit, an email is generated to SCO's Service Desk

You will receive this notification


5.  A secure email is then generated to the Employee (not SA), which will include the instructions that SCO's Service Desk provided on their new password


6.  Email is also generated to SA to let them know password has been reset and sent to employee