On-Demand Training

Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Training on integration of State of Idaho Payroll with the US Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Video Training for Budgetary application, which consists of creating Budgetary Documents and Budgetary Templates.
Cash Receipts
Video Training for Cash Receipts, which includes creating a Deposit, a Document for Fiscal Coding, and Approving documents.
Employee Self Service
Training on the Self-Service application, which allows employees to manage and maintain certain aspects of their on-record Human Resource information.
Enterprise Dashboard and Service Portal
Video Training illustrating how to register on the SCO Enterprise Dashboard, sign-in, and utilize user and password management features, as well as navigating and benefitting from the SCO Service Portal.
Video Training for all aspects of the navigation, use, and scheduling of business reports using the Idaho Business Intelligence Solution portal.
Training for the use and administration of the Idaho Paperless Online Payroll System.
Training for the use and administration of the Idaho Online Timesheets application.
Video Training on the P-Card application, including user administrative tasks, and verify and approving transactions.
Payment Services
Video Training for the Payment Services application, including how to enter an invoice, enter fiscal coding, approve an invoice payment, and create recurring payments.
Payroll Calculation
This course offers assistance on how to compute a real time calculation of net pay based on Medical and Dental Insurance, FSA, Garnishments and other deductions.
Video Training for the Purchasing aplication, including creating agency rules and workflows, creating requisitons and purchase orders, and fiscal coding.
Recurring Payments
Video Training on how to setup and maintain recurring payments in STARS.
SCO Application Security Access Request
Video Training on the use and management of the Security Access Request portal, the only method for requesting access to State of Idaho Controller's Office applications for your agency's employees.
Travel Express
Video Training for the Travel Express application, including creating requests and vouchers, approving requests and vouchers, and fiscal coding.