​​​​Mainframe Connectivity​

 ​STARS and E.I.S. Payroll Online Inquiry systems operate on a platform that is only accessible through Terminal Emulation.  State of Idaho Agencies are responsible for procuring, installing, and configuring their own Terminal Emulation clients, commonly called TN3270 clients.

CICS Login Screen

The following TN3270 client software is in use across State Agencies at this time, and for any agency seeking recommendations, we suggest you begin with this list: 

Mocha TN3270


Quick3270 Secure


 Nexus Terminal​




OpenText Host Explorer w/MaintOpentext HostExplorer product page

Connection Information

Host:     TN3270.sco.idaho.gov

Port:      23


  • Only entities on the State of Idaho Government Network may connect to this host.
  • TN3270 client software must support TLS 1.2 secure connections, and that security must be enabled.  (TLS 1.0/1.1 and SSL 2/3 are no longer allowed)

​Password Resets

For information regarding mainframe password resets, CESN and DSYS, please see the Password Resets​ Page.


    ​The following documents are available to SCO Customers upon request:

    Batch Job and JCL Guidelines

    Common Error Messages Primer

    CSC Glossary of Terms

    Mainframe Security Guidelines for 3270 (CESN) Session

    On-Call / On-Demand / On-site Support Information

    Problem/Change Support Escalation Process

    System Managed Storage Structure (SMS)

    Weekend/Holiday Coverage Compensation Guide​​