​​​​​Welcome To Townhall Idaho

The State Controller's Office has created a State Public Meeting portal, titled TownHall Idaho. This portal will make it easier for the public to understand and engage in their state government by offering an online one-stop shop for accessing public meeting information for state executive agencies. 

To ensure your board is able to add information to the portal, security request access must be granted through the State Controller's Office. Below we have listed instructions for your boards to follow to grant access to your employees who will be creating information in the portal. 

​​1. Open the Townhall Registration form.​
2. Enter the employee's: First/Last Name, Email Address, Phone and Address.
3. Enter all Board Names for which the employee will be posting public meeting notices.
4. Enter the words "Register with TownHall" in the To Make sure you are Human field.
5. Select the "Register with Townhall" button.​
The State Controller's Office will then process your request. Once the request has been fulfilled, your employee will be notified via email.  Employees should then follow the instructions in the email to sign-in to the portal. 
​ ​