Employee Information, Address - Self-Service

Purpose: The Employee Information/Address action is used to change/update your home address. 

  • Only make changes to fields that are truly changing.
  • If you submit more than one Employee Information/Address document, go to Views - My Self-Service and delete any extra forms that should not be processed.

Note: If you are active at more than one agency, you must update your address for each agency.

Filling out the form

Effective Date (Mandatory)

This is the date the Employee Information/Address change is to become effective.

  • Click on the Calendar icon to select a date.
  • You must select today's date (always shown in red font) or a future date.


Mailing Address (Optional)

Type in the new street, route, or PO Box

Mailing City (Optional)

Type in the new Mailing City.

Zip Code (Optional)

Type in the new Mailing City's zip code. Currently, only 5-digit zip codes are allowed.


Submitting your Employee Information/Address Form

Once the Employee Information/Address form has been completed, select one of the following buttons at the top of the page.

  • Submit - Routes the Employee Information/Address form to a Self-Service Approver in your agency or to DSP (Division of Statewide Payroll) for processing - the following messages will be received:
    • "Document has been successfully submitted. To review saved or submitted documents, go to Views Self-Service. For additional information please click on the Help button."
    • "Document has been sent to Self-Service Approver. To review saved or submitted documents, go to Self-Service Views. For additional information, please click on the Help button."
  • Save - Saves the form in a draft status. The following message will be received: "Document has been saved as a draft. To open and complete the document, go to Self-Service Views. For additional information please click on the Help button."
  • Delete - Deletes the form - the following message will be received: "Are you sure you want to DELETE this draft?"
  • Comments - Allows unlimited comments to be added to the form. 
  • Help - Opens the DSP (Division of Statewide Payroll) user manual. The manual will open to the Employee Information/Address Self-Service section.
  • Cancel - The following message will be received: "You have chosen to exit without saving your changes. If you wish to do this, press OK. By choosing OK, you will be taken back to the Self-Service Views. If you choose Cancel, the Employee Information/Address action remains open."
  • Print - Opens the form in a printable version.